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Hi, my name is Blake and I'm the father of an almost 7-year-old daughter and 2-year-old little boy.

Finding good quality and reasonably priced baby/children products can be overwhelming and one of the reasons I started Little Poppets online. We look for merchandise in this market from all over the world and deliver directly to your doorstep. 

I'll endeavour to keep the store updated with the very latest goods and make the entire process as simple and convenient as possible. If there happens to be any suspect looking items you see when visiting the store - that's my daughter Mackenzie. She loves to help choose products which I love but has her own ideas completely.

I'd also like to invite everyone to contact me at any time. If there's something specific you're looking for or can't find I'll try and source it for you. My number is at the bottom of the Little Poppets home page. There's also a floating instant FaceBook button on all pages you contact me through. 

I must just add that I'm no writing expert by any stretch of the imagination or parenting expert. I would just like to share however some of my experiences as a father who had his first child at 40. It's been an interesting and amazing journey thus far.

I'll be writing about surviving the first week as a new dad soon. Men, in general, I believe try and wing every situation they face like I did in the first week of fatherhood. Hopefully, the post will help prepare the expecting fathers out there a little. 

Anyway, it's 9:12 pm SA time and my son is chasing my daughter with a rolling pin down the passageway while screaming - gonna be an interesting night!

Good night!

Close encounters of the dad kind.


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