Fatherhood - the great lesson I’ve learnt from my children growing up

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Hi Everyone,
I had my first child when I turned 40. It was a huge adjustment and I genuinely thought I'd never watch TV again, BBQ(braai as we say in South africa) with friends, exercise, leave the house, eat out or anything resembling normalcy for the rest of my time on earth.
Days and nights felt long and hard and weekends would be survival of the fittest for my wife and I. Each new stage of development came with its own challenges and felt never ending.
My son was born when our daughter was 4 and a half and I honestly didn't think I'd survive those first few years again.
He was in and out of hospital from very early on, didn't sleep much and things felt totally overwhelming.
While this was all going on Mackenzie(my daughter) was no longer my little baby but a little person.Within the blink of an eye she'd become self assured, independent, assisted around the house and helpful with Daniel(our son).
This was a big moment for me and changed the way I thought about parenting all together.
I would no longer just try and get through the days and nights - but enjoy every moment of my children's development. The change in mindset has been incredible and we have so much fun together - harnessing the idiosyncrasies of parenting and childhood.
The point of my long story is to new parents - no matter how hard it seems - it gets better. Each stage happens so fast and a new one begins. Don't miss out on your child's development but embrace it. Mackenzie is now 7 and Daniel two and a half. We can hardly remember the tough times - they've become a distant memory already.
Love your children with all heart - it's an honor and privilege to call yourself a parent and you'll be proud of the fantastic job you've done.
     Fatherhood - The Great Lesson Ive Learnt From My Children Growing Up


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